For application requiring high power(over 1.5Kw continuous load), a solution comprised of only a solar generator can be costly, rendering the initial investment too high to be cost effective.

The combination of a solar system with a diesel generator, or any other auxiliary power, is the best adapted solution.

Benefits :

. Cost effective: reduced size of the solar array and batteries, reduced diesel genset operating costs
. Reliability: battery autonomy provided by the solar generator and on-demand energy supply from the diesel genset
. Able to support an increased load (by simply extending the diesel running time). 


Generator description :

Our standard offer includes the solar generator as per generator description. The following equipment is added to form an hybrid power plant:
. The diesel generating set
. The genset control cabinet
. The battery charger
. The junction boxes
.The cabling and mounting accessories .Standard packing (carton, palette) 


. Fuel tank
. Spare parts for 2 years
. Seaworthy packing (wooden crate) 

Standard configurations

. Genset : 7,5KVA, 11,5KVA, 16KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA
. Battery chargers : 25A, 50A, 75A ,2x50A, 2x75A, 2x100A